A failed attempt to make file transfer safe & simple.

Unless you know me (Ruud van Vliet) personally,

and are convinced that I'm trustworthy,

you should not use this site ...

If you do, please read the disclaimerdisclaimer first.

Check my blog about it (Dutch)

or contact me ruud.van.vliet@trivento.nl.

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An encrypted copy of the file will be generated. NO data is sent to our server.


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The story behind encryptmyfile ...

A real estate agent wanted me to send a copy of my passport,

and I didn't want to do it as a plain copy over the internet.

My search did not result in a SIMPLE solution that

runs on all platforms (at least Windows, Apple and Linux)

and does not require software to be installed.

So I decided to create itmyself ;-).

With the help of tutorialzine.com it was fixed in no time!

Check my blog about it (Dutch) or contact me ruud.van.vliet@trivento.nl

Enter a pass phrase

This phrase will be used as an encryption key. Write it down or remember it; you won't be able to restore the file without it.


Enter the pass phrase

Enter the pass phrase that was used to encrypt this file. It is not possible to decrypt it without it.



I'm confident that the encryption on this site is safe.

However: it is a free service. I do not accept

any liability when the encryption of the document is

breached. I specifically disclaim liability for incidental

or consequential damages and assumes no responsibility or

liability for any loss or damage suffered by any person as

a result of the use or misuse of any of the content on

this website.

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